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Quality herbs dispensed by Trinidad NaturopathAt Natural Balance are proud to be associated with MediHerb.  Having such a high quality product to work with in the treatment of our clients gives us both the confidence and results that are integral to our performance, as healthcare providers.

Our Herbal Dispensary stocks MediHerb’s products.  We normally require at least a brief consultation with our fully qualified Medical Herbalist and Naturopath before we dispense.

This is to ensure client safety.

Quality and Excellence - every step of the way

Starts with quality raw herbs - Not all herbs are grown, harvested, dried or handled in the same caring way, nor do they contain the same level of active constituents.  After rigorous laboratory tests, MediHerb accepts only those batches of raw herb that meet or exceed strict quality criteria, which includes TLC fingerprinting, microbiological level and content of specific actives.

Manufacturing process - MediHerb manufactures all their own products using ‘state of the art’ analysis and manufacturing techniques at its’ TGA-licensed facility in Queensland Australia, and therefore have total quality control over the whole process from start to finish.

MH’s - Liquid Extracts
MediHerb uses a unique proprietary 1:2 Cold Percolation Process ingeniously developed by scientist and pioneer herbalist Kerry Bone to produce its range of full spectrum, practitioner strength, liquid herbal extracts.

Extracts produced from MediHerb’s 1:2 Cold Percolation Process were better every time when compared and tested with extracts from methods used in Germany and Europe.  North America makes no comparative products whatsoever.

Liquid extracts are the most effective way to dispense individual herbs and herbal formulas.

MediHerb’s Tablet Range
Unique - in that their tablets are made from the liquid extract, unlike most herbal capsules that contain the powdered herb.

Wider spectrum of active constituents - Liquid extracts provide both the herb’s water-soluble constituents as well as the herb’s alcohol-soluble constituents.

Since our gut cannot extract the herb’s alcohol-soluble constituents, we are therefore robbed of the herb’s total benefits when we use capsules of powdered herbs.

Faster Assimilation - Made from the liquid extract means that the herb’s active constituents have already been drawn out of the herb, and are now ready for absorption upon the tablet softening in the gut.

Powdered herbs in capsules – When taken, the gut (after the gelatin capsule decomposes) has to try and extract the constituents from the powdered herb, before they can be absorbed. - Causing slow absorption and minimal constituents absorbed.

Strength - MediHerb’s tablets contain more herb per tablet. Because of their strengths, they are only dispensed to the public through Qualified Herbalist and Naturopaths.  All herbs have their own individual therapeutic dosage range.  This is the range (or strength) that an herb must be taken in order to be therapeutically beneficial.

To get the therapeutic dose when using inferior strength herbal capsules, one may have to use as many as 4 to 16 caps three times a day.  This amount of powdered herb can have an irritating effect on the gut wall (stomach and intestinal lining).  Needless to say – if someone needed several herbs, this will again increase the number of capsules required, thus having a cumulative irritating effect.

Cost - They may appear to cost more, but because of the quality and strengths – less is needed to do the job.  In most cases they are actually much more cost effective.

We wholesale Mediherb only to other qualified practitioners.