About our Products

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Quality herbs dispensed by qualified Naturopathic DoctorNatural Balance is committed to excellence in Naturopathic Medicine including the rigorous application of quality standards in selecting the products we offer to our patients. Product quality and product strength are the two important factors in choosing efficacious medicines that will facilitate the desired therapeutic results.

We stock a number of the highest quality Herbal, Vitamin, Mineral and Nutritional supplements that we fully endorse. We always stress the importance of using quality products to get optimal results.

We also have selection of natural and organic food products and green household products.

Personalized customer service is our number one priority. Our customers are highly valued so even if we do not stock a product “in store”, we are happy to try and source it for you.

We are currently the agents and distributors for Mediherb (Australia) Herbal (practitioner ONLY) products, Flora (Canada), and Celtic Sea Salt.