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What is Celtic Sea Salt®?

Video clips of Mr Udo Erasmas speaking on Fats and Oils or The official website of Udo Erasmus -World renowned authority on fats and oils, author of "Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill" and the person responsible for the development of the Flora "Udo's Choice" Product Range.

Udo Erasmus on healthy oils
The Brain is Mostly 'Good Fat' ! (Udo Erasmus) part 1/2 : 1.5X sp
The Brain is Mostly 'Good Fat' ! (Udo Erasmus) part 2 / 2 : 1.5X
Las Vegas Interview 3 - Udo's role in defining highest Industry
Las Vegas Interview 4 - Plastic Packaging vs Glass Bottles for Therapeutic Oils
Las Vegas Interview 5 - Seed Oils vs Fish Oils, and Udo's DHA Blend
Dr Udo's Essential Fats - Video Series Part 5 - Good Fats satisfy cravings and stabilizes blood sugar
Andersen Udo's Oil