To Act Or Not To Act

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Whether to act or not to act on various matters, or whether we should leave it to the ‘cosmos’ is many times a dilemma that we all face from time to time.


Leaving it to the ‘cosmos’.

Some feel that leaving it to the ‘cosmos’ is the easier and better alternative than actually doing something about it. Yes, things have a way of working themselves out (so to speak) sometimes, but it is often influenced by our subconscious thoughts and the actions of others.


Where is the ‘cosmos’?

In fact the ‘cosmos’ is right within us. The power of all power resides within us, it is through our actions that we create or destruct. We are the physical instruments of the divine power ‘God’ and it is through our actions that God’s work can be done.


Do I have control over the matter?


If we examine whether we have control or influence over a matter, we can always come to the conclusion that we certainly do, but it is dependent on our effort, action and positioning in regard to the particular matter.

If someone is in a high position or a position of authority within a certain field, then they may have more influence in promoting change. However, if their effort to influence that change is weak, then their influence is minimal. On the other hand, if someone has little or no position or rank within a certain field, but their desire, intention and effort are great, then they will have tremendous influence in effecting change.



Intention is mind power. Ever heard the saying ‘mind over matter’? Our mind (our thoughts) controls our physical and creates our reality. Our mind controls how we feel, how we behave and how we act.

Is intention alone sufficient, and is that intention alone able to influence and cause an outcome? Intention is able to influence action.


To do or not to do.

We may see something that needs to be done. This something could be for ourselves, the family, community, nation or world.  Do we partake? There are many things that we may all wish to partake in, but the fact is that we can only do so much and cannot partake in everything that we desire. Therefore we have to prioritize, partake in the things you desire (create what you want) and fight for the most burning issues that you have.


Why not leave it for others to do?

By giving it to others we deprive ourselves firstly of the exercise, and secondly and most importantly of the fulfillment that we receive when we act according to our ‘heart’s desire’ (our good/pure thoughts and intentions).

When we do what we are instructed to do by the divine power then we receive fulfillment and blessings. Fulfillment is the fulling and filling of the soul, where we feel contentment and satisfaction – True Happiness.

The message here is to act on your feeling. Think it, feel it, then act on it. Action is important.