The Natural & Alternative Medicine Association of T&T

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To ensure that Natural and Alternative Medicine obtains the recognition and status it deserves, and to ensure its access to our citizens.

To see Natural and Alternative Medicine play a vital role within the overall Health Care System (both private and public) within Trinidad and Tobago.

NAMA – Founding Members
Mr. Philip A. Franco - Medical Herbalist/Naturopath
Ms. Camille Ojar - Psychotherapist/Counsellor
Ms. Karen Hinds - Massage Therapist/Reflexologist

Who can join NAMA?
This association includes and represents the following within specific branches:- the professionally trained natural practitioners (of various modalities), the traditional practitioners (based on an assessment of their experience and knowledge), the health-food store proprietors, the importers, growers and manufacturers of natural health products. There is even a branch for consumers of natural health products and services (this is the section that the industry ultimately serves and will constitute a large support base for the association) and an additional branch for doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

Branches of NAMA
The Association represents the following Branches:

  • Herbalists
  • Nutritionists
  • Naturopaths
  • Homoeopaths
  • Massage Therapists (includes Aromatherapists,  Reflexologists & Acupuncturists)
  • Psychotherapists, Psychologists & Counsellors
  • Exercise Therapists (Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Qong)
  • Retailers / Wholesalers / Importers / Manufacturers / Growers and Researchers (in/of Natural or Alternative Medicine)
  • Natural Fertility Practitioners / Midwives
  • Associate Members (interested lay persons and users of the branch modalities)
  • Orthodox Medical practitioners and providers
  • Natural and Alternative practitioners who do not satisfy the necessary requirements so as to obtain practitioner member status, but that show some training and/or experience.

Board of Directors
The board of directors comprise of the three (3) founding members and elected branch leaders.
Once a branch has more than three (3) persons, a branch leader can be elected who will represent the branch on the board.

The main membership categories consist of “Practitioner Member”, “Member”, and “Associate member”.

What can this association do for you?
Once you are involved in the field of Natural Medicine you will benefit. It is absolutely imperative that we have a unified professional body to promote and protect this industry as well as the persons involved and the consumers.

What can you do for the association?
The work of any association is carried out by its members. Your contribution within the association is critical towards realizing timely outcomes for our unified aims and objectives.

Benefits of Membership

  • “Certificate of Membership” displayed at place of practice or business for increased recognition of credibility by clients/customers.
  • “Membership cards” (for all members) that will have numerous benefits to the member.
  • Use of database to identify “practitioner” members from which to refer patients, obtain referrals and network.
  • Database for other professionals such as Medical Doctors who may want to work with natural practitioners.
  • Promotion of the industry through continuing education: seminars, courses and other such ventures.
  • Having a website to promote not only the association, its members and the industry but also to foster and stimulate awareness and a positive attitude towards the natural health industry through education and information.
  • Identify both qualified and unqualified practitioners who may pose a threat to the public.
  • Better able to influence Government on importation and regulatory issues affecting stakeholders.

NAMA official office – 115 Cascade Rd. St Ann’s P.O.S. Trinidad. Phone 624-3727
Email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it