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Clinic Services

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  • Naturopathy - The practitioner’s use of natural therapies and medicines to aid the client’s healing and balancing.

  • Herbal Medicine - The use of whole plant substances in liquid and tablet form to encourage the body's natural tendencies to heal itself.

  • Clinical Nutrition - The use of supplements and dietary change to promote good health and healing.

  • Homeopathy - At Natural Balance we do not offer specific Homeopathic consultations at this time. However, we do have many of the emergency first aid homeopathic medicines available. Additionally, we can make any homeopathic medicine to order in any strength, for those who know what remedies they require.

  • Phythotherapy - This a short visit with the Naturopath/Herbalist to prescribe for a single acute ailment such as a cough or cold.

  • Iridology - The professional study of the eye and iris to diagnose health problems.

  • Massage Therapy - Massage therapy treats muscular-skeletal problems like back problems, joints and muscular soreness and stiffness, headaches and insomnia, or can just leave you with a sence of wellbeing and encourage healing.

  • Psychotherapy - Counselling with a Psychotherapist, which involves an intentional interpersonal relationship used to addresses a person’s mental and emotional issues and problems with living.

  • Other Services - The other services offered at Natural Balance include; Ear Candling, Bach Flower Therapy and Zen Chi Relaxerciser massage.