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At Natural Balance – we provide professional natural medicine/ natural therapy services, and supply the highest quality herbal medicines and nutritional supplements that are essential for the delivery of therapeutic results.

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Whether you’ve got an acute condition, a nagging chronic problem, an interest in optimizing your personal health, or simply curious about what alternatives are out there—Natural Balance can help.

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Globe Artichoke

newsf1Globe Artichoke - Excellent Liver Medicine

Cynara scolymus is the Latin name for Globe artichoke, which aides in identifying it from other Artichokes. Cynara is used widely in Europe, it has been used to clear the complexion, alleviate arthritic symptoms, and to reduce hypercholesterolemia.


Anemia – Natural Intervention

Anemia Defined

Anemia is defined as a decrease in the number of red blood cells and/or hemoglobin in the blood to levels below the normal range. This decreases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.



Therapeutic Massage

watterThis involves systematically kneading, rubbing and pressing the muscles of the body.

Herbal Medicine

Natural Balance is proud to be able to offer our clients products from the most reputable herbal companies in Australia (Mediherb & Phytomedicine)