Natural treatments for – Hay fever and Sinus Problems

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Natural Therapies, Natural Balance

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Herbs and Nutrition in Pregnancy and Childbirth

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Pharmaceutical Drugs VS Herbal Medicine

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Naturopathic doctor and Naturopathic medicineNaturopaths (also called naturopathic doctors in some countries) are health care professionals who are dedicated to helping you achieve your optimal personal health.

Naturopathic medicine is a type of medical practice that uses natural therapies to promote the body’s ability to heal itself on all levels. The most important aspects of naturopathic medicine are to discover and treat the root causes of disease as opposed to just the symptoms, and to promote optimal health and prevent illness.

The education of naturopaths is extensive, with a minimum of five years of post-secondary education in Natural Medicine which includes Herbal Medicine and Nutrition, along with other natural therapies modalities, and also includes the clinical and medical sciences, and an internship period.


Herbal Dispensary

Herbs, holistic medicine, homeopathy

The dispensary at Natural Balance stocks the largest array of practitioner only quality herbal extracts and tablets in Trinidad & Tobago.

The Herbalist or Naturopath can prescribe individual herbs or formulate herbal extract mixtures to suit the individual's needs. Or if you know what you want you can order any herb in any quantity.

We source our herbal products from Mediherb (Australia) that professional herbalists rely on for quality herbal products.

We also supply Homeopathic medicines, and can make almost any remedy and strength.

We also supply quality high grade Vitamins and Mineral Supplements.


watterTherapeutic Massage

This involves systematically kneading, rubbing and pressing the muscles of the body.


Herbal Medicine

Natural Balance is proud to be able to offer our clients products from the most reputable herbal companies in Australia (Mediherb & Phytomedicine)